About the TACS Program

If you want to win the hearts of travel agencies worldwide and build a powerful marketing database of travel agency guest history, Travel Agency Commission Settlement (TACS) is the solution. TACS combines the latest information technology with its unrivaled global banking network to form an efficient, turnkey centralized commission system.

TACS can interface with most property management systems, automatically extracting and transmitting the required information. Electronic banking, in 41 payment currencies, is used to collect covering funds from each hotel, eliminating cash management and foreign exchange risks. Commission payments and information are consolidated by travel agency, reducing the number of payments, and thus costs, to both travel agency and hotelier.

At last, revenue-generating travel agency loyalty and marketing intelligence from a proven system that can be implemented now without major investment.

Travel Agency Commission Settlement (TACS) was launched in 1991 and quickly captured the attention of the world's leading hotel companies by integrating global banking with information technology, delivering a truly turnkey system. The system provided a private-label commission program customized to the specific technology, banking and marketing objectives of each chain.

As hotelier and travel agency alike became more accustomed to the new standards established by TACS, demand for independent hotel participation grew. So in 1998, TACS introduced TACS Classic, a standardized program offering individual hotels the most desirable features of both systems at an affordable price.

Whether you value the customization and database services of a private-label TACS program, or the low-cost standardization of TACS Classic, we have the solution for you.

TACS and TACS Classic Features and Benefits

  • Identify new business opportunities, negotiate deals, and track performance based on a consolidated database of travel agency guest history.
  • Enjoy "Preferred" status level from travel agencies who consider centralized commissions a key selection criterion.
  • Afford the latest advances in global banking and information technology by sharing the costs with other suppliers and travel agencies.
  • Implement quickly and easily: a TACS implementation Specialist will help you get started in no time, so you can add it to your marketing mix today.
  • Achieve a totally integrated solution that combines banking, PMS interfaces, telecommunications, postage and distribution-with no hidden costs.
  • Agents receive one consolidated statement and payment monthly, semimonthly, or weekly as determined by your group. Each hotel is identified alphabetically by name.

TACS Program Considerations

Before you join, consider your level of commitment. TACS is recognized as a quality centralized commission program used by hoteliers who value their relationships with travel agencies. How you participate makes a difference.

How important is this program? Remember, like you, travel agencies are in business to make money. Today, more and more travel agencies require participation before you can become their "Prefered" supplier. Because travel agencies consider it a key selection criterion, many reservation systems and directories now indicate which hotels participate in these centralized commission programs.

Some 600,000 strong, travel agents reach and influence travelers at the point-of-sale. Whether a leisure agent offering vacation recommendations or a corporate agent managing travel costs, they have direct access to your prime target market. The objective is to get travel agents to sell for you. Like any sales force, you need to keep them motivated with constant feedback and compensation. How well you do this sets you apart from the competition. With the right incentive and information, travel agents can move market share. Better yet, agents don't add to your overhead. You simply pay them when they generate revenue.

More than just a payment program, TACS provides your group with previously unavailable marketing intelligence. Each month your Program Manager receives a consolidated database of all reported transactions. This business-critical information, based on actual results, can be used to identify new business, customize marketing programs, negotiate deals, track performance, and improve customer service.

Your commitment can pay off in lower costs as well. As the number of participants increases, TACS pricing can decrease. By joining and encouraging others to join, you improve economies-of-scale that eventually result in lower prices. Consistently adhering to program policy and procedures will also lower operating costs and positively impact price. Program policies to consider before joining require you to:

Program Policies

  • Report a transaction for every travel agency reservation, whether commissionable or not.
  • Transmit transaction files electronically using a TACS certified interface (transactions can be downloaded from your PMS or keyed).
  • Ensure TACS receives your electronic remittance within four (4) days after recieving an Invoice/Confirmation Letter. If your hotel is in Australia, Canada, or the U.S., TACS will debit your designated account. Until additional debit capabilities are available, all others must instruct their bank to credit a designated account.
  • Send a file after accumulating approximately 200 transactions, no more often that weekly and no less often than monthly. Advise TACS if you are having technical difficulties or have no transactions in a given month.
  • Provide transaction detail accurately and completely s that less than five percent (5%) are rejected each month. Transactions may reject due to incorrect IATA/ARC numbers, incorrect formatting, missing required fields, or software/system issues.
  • Respond to TACS queries within three days of receipt.

Implementing TACS

With the help of our implementation specialists you can be operational in a matter of weeks. In fact, by using an automated PMS interface and sending TACS one remittance instead of issuing many checks, you should have some time to spare. That is, until agencies start sending you more business! Here is a checklist of what you should expect.

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